Safeguard Operators

No more blistered hands or dangerous exposure to raw samples - this automated solution transforms the way you interact with water samples.

Reduce Your Costs

Spend less on consumables, and reduce your environmental impact with our Smart Cartridge technology.

Automated Process

Remove the hard work of syringe filters with our patent-pending, auto-spooling system.

Save Time

Streamline your workflow, free up resources, and even filter samples in the field with our unique, portable system.

Automated Laboratory Water Filtration Systems

Sempuris, part of the Labman family, develops automated laboratory water filtration systems. The Dual Filter, automated laboratory water filtration system provides a simple and easy way to filter samples prior to analysis. Combined with its accompanying Smart Cartridges, this system will change the way you filter water samples.

Manual handling of samples is reduced to a minimum with our labour-saving system, simply requiring a water sample to be placed under the input hose. Forget syringe filters, and the pain and hassle of using them to filter samples; the auto-spooling filter tape within our Smart Cartridges takes care of the hard work. Featuring an all PTFE fluid path, a self-cleaning function and easy-to-configure programs, the Dual Filter System will transform your lab, whilst saving you time and money. 

Our easy-to-use, benchtop device also significantly improves the safety and overall user experience of filtering. Smart Cartridges simply slot into the Dual Filter System; completely removing the need for traditional syringes and filter discs. Available in a range of filter materials and pore sizes, these easily recycled cartridges are a great solution to traditional filter discs, with the equivalent of 3000 filter discs on one unit - significantly reducing your consumables costs, as well as your environmental footprint.

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