Totally transform the way you filter water samples.

Safeguard Operators from dangerous exposure to samples
Reduced RSI risk
All PTFE fluid path
Easy-to-configure programs & filtration parameters
sempuris dual filter system overview
sempuris dual filter system open overview
Easy to use flexi hoses – catering for a variety of input vile types and volumes
Simple self-wash system
Significant processing time and consumable cost reductions

What is the Dual Filter System?

Sempuris’s Dual Filter System is a semi-automated, bench-top laboratory water filtration system, which saves time and money when filtering water samples. Manual handling of sample and the cost of consumables is significantly reduced over traditional methods. The Dual Filter draws a sample from an input vessel, via the flexible hose, and pushes the sample through a pre-filter & final filter tape. The filtered sample exits via the output hose into the collection vessel.

The Process

The user simply places the input sample and output vessel onto the system shelves at either side of the system and locates the flexihoses appropriately.  A simple interface makes it easy for the user to start the filtration of the sample; parameters can be easily altered by navigating through intuitive menus.  The system has a built-in backwash and purge function to ensure the fluid path is cleaned between different batches of samples. In cases where it is necessary to prewash filter tape - the Dual Filter system can do this for you too.


The system has been developed specifically for the filtration of small to medium sized samples, but it will also cater for larger volumes. It has also been engineered to significantly lower costs by eliminating syringes and filter discs, whilst minimising manual handling and associated risks. This innovative method of filtering has a patent pending.

sempuris dual filter angle close up filter
dual filter open close up filter clamp


  • Efficient filtering of samples in preparation for a range of tests/analyses.


  • Provides financial savings of up to 70% in consumables, versus current manual syringe filtering processes.


  • Field operative can filter on location, as the Dual Filter can operate from a vehicle's 12V accessory outlet.


  • A kit is available to strap the device into a van for mobile filtering.


  • Increased speed of filtration process - filtering with the Dual Filter system takes around half the time of manual filtering (dependent on sample).


  • Reduced waste plastic by over half compared to using syringe filters.


  • Can be cleaned using a dilute acid wash.


  • Eliminates RSI risk associated with syringe filter techniques.


  • Improves user experience - very little effort and less contact with potentially hazardous substances.


  • Enclosed process to safeguard the user from risk of spray associated with manual force filtering.


  • Choice of filter media and pore size available in the Smart Cartridges.


  • Pressure monitoring and automatic blockage detection.


  • Frees up bench space, including areas used for Buchner vacuum funnels as the Dual Filter System can handle most samples.

Cost  Benefits

The price of the Dual Filter System is quickly offset by the saving in consumables. The traditional test method uses 1 – 5, 25mm disc filters per test. The effective filter area of one tape section on Dual Filter System is equivalent to 4 traditional disc filters, with each Smart Cartridge capable of 750 filtrations! The Smart Cartridge contains a continuous roll of filter tape, meaning that the cost of each test can be as low as 0.86 GBP.

sempuris smart cartridge installed
sempuris dual filter easy to use laboratory water filtering

Easy to Use

In comparison to traditional laboratory water filtration processes, the Dual Filter System is extremely easy to use. The input funnel and sample line can be flushed clean, and the Dual Filter System is designed so that operation is as intuitive as possible, requiring minimal training. Filtration is now as simple as pushing a button; and equally the fluid path can be cleaned and purged just as quickly.

Is The Dual Filter System Suitable For Your Lab?

A loan package is available to allow you to evaluate the Dual Filter System before purchase. The cost is deductible from the price if the unit is retained. Every Dual Filter system, including those taken on initial loan, is built to order within a few weeks in our Yorkshire-based, UK factory.

sempuris dual filter dirty sample water

Product Specification


Fluid Path:

Sample Volumes:


Media Types*:

Clean effluent flow rate (min-max):

Dead volume:

Max Pressure:

Auto Filter Advance:

Filter Time Range:


*other filter types available upon request

**dependent on sample composition

470mm (h) x 1030mm (w) x 435mm (d)


Min and max tbc


0.45µm Hydrophilic PVDF | 1.2 µm Hydrophilic PVDF | 45µm Nylon







Electrical Specification


Power draw:

Max current:

100 - 230V AC | 50 - 60Hz or 12V DC

< 35W



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